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Strade Montane (Mountain Roads in Italian) is a cycling project which aim to discover the Apennine area through the paths, gravel and secondary roads that run through the Italian mountains between the two regions of Emilia and Tuscany.

Strade montane
vol. i

The tracks of the first volume of Strade Montane are out now! From the valleys of Reno river to the ancient mountain ridges of the Limentre valleys: four round-trip gravel ruotes that cross the lesser-known Apennine italian landscapes.


The Jump Off is a 90km route that starts in Bologna and climbs the ridges drawn by three different streams: Samoggia, Lavino and the smaller Venola stream.The Jump Off is the military operation during the Gothic Line, which took place on April 14,…

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The roads that spreads along the ridges offer distinctly Apennine vistas, but completely unusual even for those used to riding the mountain profiles of these areas. This is the last ruote that explores the ancient landscapes of the Limentre valley, a mountain area…

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Campari Long Ride is a 100km loop trail that runs through the lesser-known valleys of the Bolognese and Pistoia Apennines, crossing stunning mountain villages, ancient forest paths and sectors of an old railway route now semi-unknown: the former Ferrovie Alto Pistoiese (FAP) which…

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Lost Roads

The Faggeta Path

The ancient mountainous ridge road that links the Sambuca area to the Collina Pass it is today an amazing and long bumpy forest gravel dirt road.