Corsica Road Trippin’

Corsica Road Trippin’

CRT is a 500-kilometer loop bikepacking route with 8.000 meters of elevation gain mostly on asphalt that traverses the northern area of Corsica. The island has every possible landscape variable in its deck, changing at every turn from mountain ranges that seem to be borrowed from the Alps, to immense coastal shorelines. Indeed, on the island there is no room for rolling hills, nor even for large plains.

We are well aware that tarmac is not the first choice for bikepackers, but coming back from a rather challenging year, as they say: we chose to enjoy it. Especially after the warm up of the Alta Via del Sale. Although the trail is challenging because of the many ups and downs and due to the some of the most beautiful climbs on the island, we thought of a trail that would not spare some healthy tourist gobbling at the various beaches run.

If you do as we did and decide to go in early September, you can rest assured that you will not encounter blasting masses of tourists; the classic vacation period is now over and there’s a very low influx of people.

If you do as we do and decide to venture into the “gravel” “roads” of the Agriates desert, it is very likely that you will regret coming into the world.

In any case, with that little bit of wholesome danger, the trail will meander along the rock formations of the Calanche de Piana, a true jewel of volcanic rock along the road, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We will mostly pass through extremely uninhabited and quite wild areas such as the Valley du Fango and the areas around the Col de Bigorno, a beautiful climb that takes us 1.000 meters above sea level surrounded by a mountainous, rocky and desolate landscape reminiscent of quite other altitudes.

You will appreciate the schizophrenic sudden changes of scenery that take you from the beaches of L’Ostriconi, to the steep switchbacks of the Col de Vizzavona, dominated by the white massif of Monte d’Oro and lined with beautiful fir and beech forests.

The route can be covered in 7 days and we recommend a gravel bike with 32 or 35mm tires because the track runs almost entirely on asphalt. We have always relied on campsites (not expensive at all). Below the complete list:


1. Bastia – L’Ostriconi
Villaggio L’Ostriconi

2. L’Ostriconi – Galèria
Camping Casa di Luna

3. Galèria – Porto
Camping Municipale di Porto

4. Porto – Tavaco
Camping Les Eaux Vives

5. Tavaco – Corte
Camping Le Restonica

6. Corte – S. Florent
Camping U Pezzo

7. S. Florent – Bastia
Camping Les Sables Rouges